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About me

joao_matosCitizen of the World! Enthusiastic and positive!

Born in Lisbon (Portugal), life and my professional experience led me to cross borders, to live in three different countries and visit over 30 countries worldwide. I consider myself fortunate that during these years; I could build and strengthen bonds, relationships and even strong and inspiring long, lasting friendships with interesting people.
I am an Open -minded person, always ready to start a new venture and project and helping others to kick start, but also pragmatic when assessing opportunities and outcomes, I believe that these character qualities help you to quickly recognize areas for improvement and solutions in situations we encounter in our lives and act on them.

I graduated in Gestão ( Management) in the Technical University of Lisbon , Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão ( ISEG ), and had the opportunity to participate for six months in the Erasmus program in the city of Poitiers in France at the Institut d’ Administration des Enterprises ( IAE )

My real project partners are, my family, my wife and my three children, their support to me is significant, and together we enjoy traveling and discovering new places, histories and cultures. Communication has always been important for me and to my whole family; hence we all speak four languages, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

I like being active and enlightened to read, understand and learn, I also have a great love for reading, music, sports and cooking. For me meditation, solitude and endorphins, are the feeling of wellbeing, and to free my mind, I like to challenge my limits, practically every day, on a bike, running or swimming; I also plan and decide at some point in these times of stress.

Protein is one of the fundamental elements of life. I enjoy a special bliss to convert myself into alchemist. Because of proteins, sugars, vitamins, etc … I combine, mix, separate, adjudge, shorten, multiply, negotiate and buy items and resources to prepare artwork, sophisticated recipes, traditional novels and share between dialectics and friendship around the table.

I make each of these events challenging, because I like to take on challenges. I am a leader who participates and works with my team side by side, sharing emotions, successes and frustrations. I believe that energy and positivity are the keys in my leadership style to create a strong team spirit and mutual aid and direct communication to fulfill common objectives and ambitions.

Teamwork, knowledge network, positivism and the smile with which I face challenges and adversity, as well as my personal skills have been the key to my professional success.