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Experiences and Projects

I bring people together around a target, I propose a highly active and participatory space, where everyone knows exactly what to do, the expectations of each group, each one,and how we will deliver and meet those expectations.

Timeline of major achievements:


Experiences and Projects

  • Strategy and Global Vision

I’ve always worked on projects that are ambitious about growth. Planning is key in these situations. The choice of resources and investments, and the choice of when to take the next step, determine whether the project will succeed or not.

Onlywith medium-long term vision, objectives are achieved in a context like this.


Experiences &Achievements:

2007 – Planning and introducing sales strategy throughLatam channel. The sales had tripled in three years through the channel from 30% of contribution to 70 %

2007  – Planning of new map of exclusive Representatives in Panda Security,to cover all Latin America and provide technical support in 17 countries

2013 – Planning for Internationalization of Kwido


• Business Processes

On the threshold of working the way that always contrive success, implementation, standardization of processes and its accompaniment,are the key to maintaining a high level of achievements of objectives and consistencyat the level of results.

Experiences & Achievements:

2007 – Introduction of new sales processes in Panda Security LATAM

2012 – Introduction of new sales processes Panda Security Spain

2013 – Collaboration with Ideable to introduce business processes for international expansion


• Leadership International team – Game Changer

Remote management teams of over a hundred people, with a rich cultural diversity, and languages in multinational environment.

Experiences & Achievements:

1998-2007 – Panda Software: Liability in enabling its teams on refocusing, and leading them t new horizons, changing processes , KPI and equipment , releasing new solutions in corporate and consumer spaces in more than 50 countries.

2005 – Panda Software is winner of Prince Felipe Award granted by the Ministry of Industry of Spain for the best experience of internationalization.

2007 – Renegotiation of 14 contract agreements,for an Exclusive Representation in Latin American region, with a positive impact on the results of Panda Security

2011 – Management of a workforce adjustment plan with a significant reduction in Spain Panda Security, after the adaptation period in the second half of the following year, we maintained the sale level of 2011, and in the beginning of 2013 the sales started to grow again.

2012 – Introduction of new channel program that stopped the decline of trend in the number of active channels initiated in 2007.

2013 – Expansion of Sealpath in 8 countries during four months:UK, Brazil, Peru,Argentina,Chile,Uruguay, Paraguay and Puerto Rico.


• International Business Development

Experiences &Achievements:

1998-2007 – Leadership ofExclusive Representatives team at Panda Security with an increased number of sales and countries. With 1 million Euros of sales in 10 countries in 1998, to 50 million Eurosof sales in more than 50 countries in 2007

2007-2010 – Growth of 300 % of sales in Panda Latin America


• Networking and Communication

I have always maintained regular contact with media related to technology throughout the World, as well as with prestigious international associations.

Experiences &Achievements:

2010-2013 – Member in major industry associations in Spain during several years, associations as ASLAN,GAIA,ADETI, ISMS Forum, and a member during two years in the board of directors of AMETIC, the Spanish association of companies engaged in electronics and communication on behalf of Panda Security.

2006-2013 – LinkedIn Network with 1,500 professional contacts in various industries and in 68 countries

2013 – taking part in “Forum dos Portugueses em Madrid”

2013 – Representative of Ideable in UK Health and Telecare Association


• Experience in Markets

1998-2011 – Retail and OEM software solutions and Antivirus

2000-2013 – SCM and UTM Appliance

1998-2013 – Security / Corporate Security (Network Security) / Enterprise Software

2007-2013 – SAAS / Cloud Computing

2012 – Lifecycle Management Device

2013 – Healthcare and Telecare Software

2013 – Documents Rights Management


• Formal training

1989-1994 – Degree in business from the Technical University of Lisbon ( UTL ) in the Higher Institute of Economics and Management ( ISEG ) Lisbon, Portugal

1994 – Erasmus Programme in Institut d’Administration des Entreprises (IAE) in Poitiers (France)

1982-1989 – Secondary School D. Maria II (Lisbon)