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The Glass Half Full | João Matos
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The Glass Half Full

The Glass Half Full … of life

Attitude! Is the answer to fill the glass, facing difficulty with a smile and energy, leading those around us to fill their glass every day!

 “With a little spoon full of sugar…”


Optimism and willingness – Every day the glass is half full, and I will fill it every minute that passes, with every person I talk to.Optimism and willingness are my hallmarks when facing big challenges.
People person– in terms of talking to others, infect them with optimism and ambition to lead to triumph, I am a social animal.

Teamwork–I easily find my space within the team and I like working to help the team to achieve their successes.

Meet expectations – the leader’s task is to help form leaders who are able to create opportunities and fulfil expectations. Compliance is in the DNA of my teams.

Ethics and values – Those who know me know that I have always acquired values of honesty, truthfulness,hardworking, persistence and respect for others.

Ability to learn,from experience, appraisal and data – a review is a gift, because they really bring criticism to change behaviour, processes, and results. Praise motivatesyou, but onlylearning what keeps going forward, especially learning from experience and criticism. The data are a reflection of what exist; my obsessions is to try and see what they could put into facts and find a way out to my comfort zone where I can have possibilities to grow.

Adaptability and decision making – someone who livedcontinuing success for years in the world of technology is undoubtedly able to adapt to change. Change in the premise of Cloud On, the change of Software Service, the change from the disks for the disk and to the USB Internet, … And from a business point of view , every change is a mass number of fast decisions. The only fear is not taking those decisions in time.

“The sun will come outtomorrow… ,come what may…”

Pressure and Time Management – The day should have twice the hours … But it does not have them … The month should have 60 days … But it does not have them … therefore It is important to plan, prioritize and execute efficiently, using one of the most valuable resources we all have, our 24 hours a day. Time is pressing, the need to make the right decision is pressure, keep the distance despite pressures to focus on the target and help others to always keep focusing on that goal.
Ability to delegate – when you work with largeteam, you have to get other leaders to be able to make decisions and build their resources to achieve their achievements. We all take different paths to get results, to finally meet expectations.

Languages – I’m Portuguese and as far as I can remember and I speak and think in Portuguese, but on January 3, 1997 Iarrived in Madrid with snow in the morning and as a local from Madrid I am bilingual in Spanish,and my companions, friends are scattered here and there around the world and with them I communicate every day … in English. Et bien sur in french, La France … first to study in Poitiers and then to direct the subsidiary of Panda Software France in Paris, in those occasions i had the chance to improve my French and I use it whenever I can.